Green Streets are streetscapes designed to infiltrate stormwater close to its source using green infrastructure, while also creating more vibrant, livable communities. This Guidebook is intended to present Green Streets best practices to Holyoke stakeholders and serve as a preliminary set of design guidelines to transform Holyoke’s streets into more ecologically, socially, and economically positive spaces. This project was undertaken in the Winter of 2014 by Conway School graduate students with guidance from the Conservation Department and community leaders in Holyoke.

The Guidebook includes a Toolbox with recommended Green Street strategies related to green infrastructure, complete streets, and placemaking; a set of nine design templates representative of a variety of street characteristics found in Holyoke that can be applied and adapted to future projects; a site-specific application of Green Street design principles in downtown Holyoke; an exploration of relative costs and benefits; and recommended next steps for the city to implement Green Streets.

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