This plan updates and expands upon the City’s 1991 Historic Preservation Plan based on current conditions in the City with a focus on Center City Holyoke. Since 1991 depopulation of the historic downtown has resulted in extreme vacancy in the existing building stock, leading to rapid deterioration of the City’s historic fabric. On sites that remain undeveloped or where buildings have been lost, new construction is carried out with insufficient consideration for surrounding historic resources. Residents have called for a concentrated effort to revitalize and redevelop the Center City; an area that despite its rich history, unique architectural traits and waterfront views has suffered the plight of many urban centers, that of disinvestment and blight.

The purpose of the plan is to provide an updated vision for preservation and to provide guidance to the city, especially to the Historical Commission, the Office of Planning and Economic Development, and other policy makers, on actions that should be taken to support historic preservation in Holyoke over the next dozen years. It reflects a comprehensive look at existing documentation including existing plans, maps, regulations, field work including reconnaissance of the Center City area, threatened historic resources, city owned property and public outreach from city staff to community stakeholders.

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