In 2018, the City of Holyoke, through the Office of Planning and Economic Development (OPED) was awarded a $100,000 Community Mitigation Fund grant from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to assist tourism efforts in Holyoke. A portion of the funds paid for a Holyoke Tourism Plan. The Plan provides ten recommendations that are within three broad strategic areas: Creating a positive public perception of Holyoke; Effective and coordinated strategic marketing; and A signature destination. OPED has taken the lead on moving forward with the first action item of the Plan, which is to establish a Tourism Advisory Committee. To start the process of forming the Committee, a meeting of Holyoke Tourism Stakeholders was convened in April. Stakeholders included those who contributed to the Plan and individuals and organizations that represent key tourism industries Once the Committee is officially established, it will be tasked with implementing the deliverables found in the Tourism Plan.

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