The Office of Planning & Economic Development and the Holyoke Historical Commission have completed a project that undertook an intensive-level neighborhood survey of cultural and architectural resources along the Main Street Corridor in the Flats and South Holyoke neighborhoods. The documentation will help with ongoing plans to revitalize the neighborhood by better understanding the historic resources that can be reused and renovated for modern uses.  The project was completed by preservation consultants Zachary Violette and John Clemson. The project was funded through a Survey and Planning grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission and a City of Holyoke Community Development Block Grant. The project surveyed 159 buildings and resulted in the production of seven Area forms (A-Forms) and 90 individual Building forms (B-Forms). The target area included residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings from the mid-nineteenth century to the early-twentieth century. The survey recommends that 2 historic districts and 27 individual properties may be eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Click here to view the final report and access the historic survey forms. Survey forms for individual properties are accessible within the report by clicking on hyperlinks found in the report’s Appendix 1.

As a continuation of this project the City is now moving forward with another survey project called the Canal System Industrial Area, which will focus on the historic mill buildings along the canals. Once complete, the goal is to have updated historic survey documents for all the historic buildings in the Flats and South Holyoke.


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